About Apples In Winter

Imagine someone you love did something unspeakable

This is a play about the mother of a monster
and the tenacious nature of love
and how to make a really good apple pie

Miriam's son committed a horrendous crime. It was violent. Caught, tried and convicted, he has been sitting on death row for twenty-two years. In seven hours the state will execute him. As is the tradition, he is granted a last meal. His request: his mother's apple pie.

This one-woman play is the story of a mother surviving, torn between her love for her son and the dark reality of his actions, grappling to make sense of her life. To witness ‘Apples in Winter’ is to journey deep into the heart of barely resolvable questions about justice, forgiveness and what it is to try to love unconditionally. It is to hear one of the voices of the silent victims of violence.

Post-show Discussion

We are delighted to announce that there will be a post-show discussion and Q&A with the performer and director of Apples in Winter following the performance. The event is free and will last about 30 minutes

5 Stars

an immensely powerful one-woman performance that will leave you feeling shaken and devastated and furious

- Theatre Things

5 Stars

a kitchen seemingly calm but deeply shadowed by the brutality of impending retribution

- Surrey Advertiser