About Typist Artist Pirate King (12A)

The film is a fictionalised portrait of the late “avant-garde and misunderstood” artist Audrey Amiss. Amiss was an artist who studied at the Royal Academy of Arts, but was unable to complete her training after being hospitalised due to mental illness. She died in 2013, leaving behind a vast collection of artworks and writings which were discovered after her death, and subsequently donated posthumously to Wellcome Collection.

The film centres on a fictionalised road trip with Amiss, played by Monica Dolan, and her psychiatric nurse, played by Kelly Macdonald, in which they travel north and reconnect with key individuals and moments from Amiss's past.


The title, "Typist Artist Pirate King", derives from Amiss's passport, where she listed her occupation as just that: 'typist artist pirate king'. The passport is held in Audrey Amiss' archive at Wellcome Collection.

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