About Witch Hunt

WITCH HUNT asks who really holds the power in a world where the witches have become the hunters and the predators are now the prey?

Following their sell-out, award-winning show Enter The Dragons, A&E Comedy (Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards, “a brilliant comedy coupling” Total Theatre) return with a spell-binding, surreal and darkly hilarious tale, directed by Cal McCrystal.

Witch Hunt weaves a cautionary fairy tale for our time. It celebrates the wisdom of the witch, unpacks the notion of predator and conjures a world of coven-ready weird sisters.

A ritualistic voodoo brouhaha designed to enchant and hex the pricks and predators; imagine Vic and Bob doing The Crucible.

Using buffoon, puppetry and magic and armed with a ‘wiccan’ sense of humour, A&E Comedy ask “Can we use witchcraft to take down the Patriarchy?” Yes we can!


PERFORMED BY: Abigail Dooley & Emma Edwards
WRITTEN BY: Abigail Dooley & Emma Edwards
DIRECTOR: Cal McCrystal
DRAMATURG: Bryony Kimmings

0 Stars

I think they are amazing!!

- Phoebe Waller-Bridge

0 Stars

You won’t see a more kick-ass show this year

- Broadway Baby