Herts Open Studios 2023

Three Artist showcase

John Durham: Geological Landscapes

John lives in Hertfordshire and paints Geological Landscapes, producing contemporary paintings which focus on revealing the underlying structures of some of his favourite places and landscapes.

His passion for rocks and stones has been the inspiration for his art and he uses colour and form to explore and reveal the structure and geology of some iconic landscapes which lends these works a fascinating insight and a new perspective.

His paintings have been exhibited at many local exhibitions and in museums and galleries in London, St Albans, Harlow, Norfolk, Peterborough and Nuneaton.

Pete Greening: Geometric Abstract

Pete’s only formal art education was up to the first year of art ‘A’ Level in the 1970/71 academic year, which he only did thinking it would be a skive. Aged almost 17, towards the end of that academic year, he discovered the mid to late ‘60s works of Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely, and was inspired to start painting geometric abstract paintings. As the ‘A’ Level course he was in the first year of wouldn’t let him focus on that style of art, he left, and found himself starting work in late 1971 as a civil servant, while continuing to paint as a hobby.

His paintings, mostly painted freehand, explore the optical effects of linear distortion and arithmetical progression. The patterns and colours used are carefully selected to create either an optical illusion of movement, or to create a feeling of tension on the surface of the painting.

Carla Valente: Acrylics and Resin

Carla Valente is a talented artist based in the picturesque town of Hemel Hempstead. Since her childhood, Carla has been fascinated by the creative arts, particularly fashion and design. Her love for these disciplines motivated her to pursue a Diploma in Fashion, which helped hone her skills as a fashion designer.

Over the years, Carla has evolved her artistic style, moving away from fashion design to focus on creating unique, imaginative artwork. She uses her artistic flair to create stunning illustrations, crafts, and artworks, each of which showcases her innate talent and creativity.

In recent years, Carla has dedicated herself to exploring different mediums and techniques to add depth, texture, and vibrancy to her work and to take her art to new heights. From acrylics to watercolour, resin, etc. Her art is considered contemporary, consisting of ever-evolving forms and expressions

11am-5pm weekdays
9 Sept - 1 Oct 2023

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