About Live at The Old Town Hall

Juicebox Live are a multi award winning live music promoter based within Dacorum. This month continues the trend started in 2021 of a regular night at The Old Town Hall which is primarily focused on providing artists from Dacorum with a chance to play in their local area.

Stray Fox

Stray Fox, a Hertfordshire-based band, draws inspiration from iconic musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Queens of the Stone Age, and Bob Marley. The band includes Barney, the frontman and guitarist influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Marcus King, and Radiohead; Dylan, the bass player inspired by motown legends like Carol Kaye and James Jamerson; and Digby, the talented young drummer influenced by John Bonham and his brother Barney, starting his love for music at 8 years old.



Blistering riffs, thunderous beats, and rebellious lyrics.
Unleash your inner rebel and embrace the electrifying energy of RAMcache, the original indie punk pop rock’n’roll band that's about to blow your mind with their unforgettable tunes, raw passion and infectious spirit. RAMcache is here to take the music scene by storm and leave a trail of rock and roll chaos in their wake.


Information coming soon