About us

Connecting our community through the arts

The Old Town Hall is publicly funded by Dacorum Borough Council and is situated in the heart of the old high street in Hemel Hempstead. Run by a team of dedicated theatre loving individuals who together have helped to create the venue you see today. From its very beginning in 1978 The Old Town Hall has been creating a theatre experience for everyone.

We have a vision to encourage and promote a life-long interest In the arts and to support the development of creativity within our community that is accessible, inclusive and affordable. We celebrate the power of theatre to help inform, challenge, entertain and inspire people regardless of background or circumstance.

Our Mission

  • Programming – providing excellent choice across a broad range of art forms
  • Developing Creative partnerships - Creativity through developing and supporting artists
  • Social Responsibility - respect for diversity and community cohesion
  • Inclusion – bringing down barriers to engagement
  • Sustainability – we are actively working on reducing our environmental impact

Our Community and Our Place in It

Over the last 44 years The Old Town Hall has been the centre of old high street community, but the building has a history dating back to 1852

Sustainability in Everything We Do

The Old Town Hall is actively working to reduce its impact on the environment and will continue to respond to the climate crisis in an ambitious, committed and focused way.

The Best of Everyone, on and Off Stage

The Old Town Hall has a dynamic and collaborative working environment. Every department is integral to the Theatre’s work and the success of our productions.