Environmental initiative

The Old Town Hall’s Environmental Initiative

The Old Town Hall is committed to reducing our environmental impact, and aims to improve operational performance to become more sustainable in our everyday activities. We work hard to ensure that we comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, as well as considering ways that we can improve further. Our Environmental Management Systems are reviewed annually by an external auditor, helping us to analyse progress, recognise achievements, identify areas for improvement and set targets for the following year.

The following areas of our service are managed to reduce their environmental impact:

  • Administration: electronic processes
  • Marketing: digitalised communication and advertising strategies
  • Bar service: Single Use Plastic (SUP) free, procurement of beverages and snacks, food waste
  • Water Usage
  • Electricity and Gas Usage
  • Waste: general waste, mixed recyclable and confidential waste

The Old Town Hall successfully implements the following:

  • Waste is separated into general, mixed recyclable and confidential. Recycling bins are located in all staff areas.
  • We re-use ring binders, plastic wallets and other stationary and office equipment.
  • All printing defaults to double sided, and uses a low intensity ink setting.
  • We have reduced paper usage and minimised waste in our offices by maintaining electronic copies and records. We also process invoice payments using a paperless system.
  • Where possible, old posters are re-used by printing on the reverse and flyers are often used for scrap paper.
  • Our energy certificate is on display at the Box Office for members of the public to view.
  • All bar fridges and freezers are switched off during down seasons (when we have no events).
  • The Robert Adams Gallery exhibits work by local artists. Whilst supporting artists within Dacorum, this also reduces distance that exhibitions are transported.
  • We make the most of daylight, and only switch lights on when needed.
  • All computers, monitors and printers are fully switched off when not in use, not left on standby.
  • All stage lights and technical equipment is switched off when not in use.
  • All external and internal lights are switched off when the building isn’t in use.
  • We replace bulbs with LED lights as they expire.
  • We ensure that the overnight switch-off procedures are carried out, and that all members of staff are familiar with this.
  • All cleaning chemicals are disposed of safely and responsibly, as per COSHH regulations.
  • Hand dryers are available in all toilets in place of paper towels, with the exception of our Access toilet to help with customers needs.

We are pleased to have achieved the following:

  • Our bar service is now Single Use Plastic free! We’ve replaced plastic water bottles with aluminium water cans/glass bottles and plastic straws with paper alternatives. We have also introduced food compostable coffee cups and serve all our drinks in reusable plastic glasses.
  • Our bar now stocks some locally produced goods! You will find delicious ice creams from Criterion (Suffolk) and locally brewed ales from Mad Squirrel Brewery (Hemel Hempstead)
  • During our Gallery redecoration, the old café tables were refurbished and upcycled and new LED lights were installed. We also saved the old chairs from landfill by donating them to local charities.
  • We have successfully reduced the quantity of brochures printed by producing fewer issues per year and condensing our mailing list.
  • The introduction of e-tickets has led to a significant reduction in ticket printing.
  • Marketing activities have become increasingly digitalised, advertising on digital screens and communicating through our social media platforms and monthly e-newsletter.

We aim to continue to:

  • Reduce quantity of waste going to landfill.
  • Regularly monitor water, electricity and gas usage.
  • Responsibly source goods and materials, opting for more sustainable alternatives where possible.
  • Communicate our environmental policy to visiting companies and artists.
  • Encourage customers and staff to make use of public transport.
  • Encourage discussion of environmental ideas among staff and members of the public.
  • Share local environmental initiatives and projects through social media and our website.

We would love to hear from you! If you have any comments or ideas about our Environmental Policy, please get in touch by emailing nessan.heduan@dacorum.gov.uk

For more information about sustainability within Dacorum Borough Council, please visit the Climate Change and Sustainability webpage.

For information about local public transport and other sustainable methods of travel, please visit Dacorum Borough Council’s Travel Planning webpage