About Monday Night Musicals

Experience the Magic of London's West End

Welcome to Monday Night Musicals, presented by The Old Town Hall and Brilliant Theatre, where the glitz and glamour of London's renowned West End come alive in the heart of Hemel Hempstead. Hosted by the charismatic David Jenkins, prepare to be swept away on a journey of song, dance, and pure theatrical delight.

At Monday Night Musicals, we pride ourselves on bringing the electrifying energy and unforgettable performances of London's West End right to your doorstep. Whether you're a seasoned theatre-goer or experiencing the magic of live performance for the first time, our show promises to leave you breathless, inspired, and craving an encore.

Meet Our Opening Night Star-Studded Cast:

Sophie Isaacs

With credits including SIX, HEATHERS, and KINKY BOOTS, Sophie Isaacs brings her powerhouse vocals and magnetic stage presence to our stage, promising a performance you won't soon forget.

Tom Parsons

Known for his roles in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, ONCE, and AVENUE Q, Tom Parsons dazzles audiences with his versatility and undeniable talent, transporting you to the heart of every character he embodies.

Kara Lily Hayworth

From CILLA to CABARET and MOULIN ROUGE, Kara Lily Hayworth's performances exude elegance, passion, and sheer brilliance, captivating audiences with every note she sings.


David and Keris, will guide you through the evening with wit, charm, and a deep love for the stage, ensuring that every moment is filled with laughter, excitement, and pure theatrical magic.

Join us at The Old Town Hall for an unforgettable evening of music, laughter, and pure theatrical enchantment.