About Sherlock Holmes: The Last Act

The year is 1916.

Drawn from two years of Sussex retirement for the funeral of his friend, Dr Watson, Holmes returns to Baker Street to resolve ‘the last act’ of his epic career.

A theatrical evening then unfolds, with fourteen characters, all played by Nigel Miles-Thomas in a tour de force performance. Cross-examinations, heated arguments between Holmes and Watson, and all manner of comic and serious interactions, between many famous Conan Doyle characters. As the play concludes the great detective reveals a shocking secret.

Written by Conan Doyle expert David Stuart Davies, directed by award-winning Gareth Armstrong.

5 Stars

Nigel Miles-Thomas plays Holmes with magical candour. Brilliant, Unmissable

- Noho Arts

5 Stars

There is nothing elementary about this production, top class

- Glam