A View Through a Lens

A View Through a Lens is a collaboration of two local artists Aaron Cooper who was here earlier in the year and Rachel McNulty with her new view on drinks bottles.

As always all the art you see can be purchased by talking to our friendly staff. Aaron and Rachel have a selection of prints and framed items for sale as well as a calendar with beautiful views so you can start every day in 2023 with a smile.

11am-5pm weekdays
1 Nov-2 Dec 2022

Rachel McNulty

Rachel studied Art and Design at college before going on to qualify as an accountant. She has returned to her artistic roots through photography.

Being inspired by dramatic seas and colourful skies, these images are created using a macro lens and glass bottles.

"Photography is my passion and during lockdown when we were unable to travel, I started to capture my own seascapes using colourful glass bottles, looking at the way natural light reflects and refracts through the glass. A bit of imagination and curiosity to look deeper into an object led me to create images of waves crashing on a beach or a golden sunset over the sea."

This imaginative lockdown project culminated in Rachel winning the Manmade category of “Close-Up Photographer of the Year 2021” and she has since been featured in several magazine articles.

I’m thrilled to be able to share these images with you at The Gallery in The Old Town Hall and hope you enjoy the wonder of what lies within an empty bottle!

Aaron Cooper

Aaron has always enjoyed looking at stunning photos he has seen other people take, especially wildlife and landscapes photos. This is what has lead him to pursue photography as a career and hobby, it's a passion.

Ever since I owned my first camera phone, I started to go out and look for things to capture whilst walking my furry family companions, especially scenic areas.

He has always loved looking over vast landscapes, like the mountains in Wales and cliff top beaches on holidays. Now it’s time to go back and capture many of these views on camera and see what he can snap with an older eye.

This year Aaron has been trying to produce different styles and tried to give the images more of a story kind of feel rather just than a vibrant edit as he has done in the past.

This year Aaron will not only be showing local wildlife and landscape photography but images from further a field including a trip to the fabulously scenic west coast of Scotland.