Hearts in my Happy Place

Carolyn is an avid amateur photographer with a passion for finding hearts in nature. Her enthusiasm for the art of photography began from an early age, learning the skill from her father and grandfather who were themselves keen photographers. It all began on a photographic trip to Arizona, where Carolyn captured her first heart and they have not stopped appearing ever since.

Carolyn is at home in nature, walking her dog and finding beautiful hearts wherever she goes. The varying shapes, sizes, colours and textures add something new each time and bring her happiness. Carolyn explained to us that she just wants to ‘share them with everyone, to make them smile too’. The images are unfiltered and unedited and presented in their pure form for all to enjoy.

A mum of two fun and adventurous young children, Carolyn now has company when finding hearts on her travels. She was born in Hemel Hempstead and after a period of time spent in London, now lives in St Albans.

‘Hemel will always feel like home’ – Carolyn

Carolyn studied art at college and wanted to do an exhibition to share her passion and hopes the moments she captures on film will bring you the same joy they bring her.

Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, she will be making a donation to both the Mind and Fibromyalgia Action UK charities with the profits of any sales from the exhibition.

11am-5pm weekdays
3-31 Oct 2022