Still Cast Photography

"I’ve always enjoyed looking at stunning photos that I’ve seen other people take, especially wildlife and landscapes photos. This is what has lead me to pursue photography as a career and hobby, it's a passion.

Ever since I owned my first camera phone, I started to go out and look for things to capture whilst walking my furry family companions, especially scenic areas.

I’ve always loved looking over vast landscapes, like the mountains in Wales and cliff top beaches on holidays. Now it’s time I go back and capture many of these views on camera and see what I can snap with an older eye."

Aaron Cooper brings his stunning collection of photos taken in the surrounding area and further afield to The Old Town Hall. Aaron will be meeting guests on select dates (details to follow) to talk about his photography and how you too can take incredible photos.

11am-4pm weekdays
1-31 Mar 2022

I hope you come along and enjoy looking at some of my photos displayed hear in the fabulous Old Town Hall

- Aaron Cooper