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Ruby Lewis: The Earth Beneath Us, The Sky Over Our Heads

Ruby Lewis

Ruby Lewis describes her work as "a conscious response to the Earth, the elements and the natural reactions that occur within the environment." Each painting is unique and worked on over a considerable period of time, some taking many months to complete. Building layers of handmade traditional gesso, texture, gold leaf and finally, many layers of oil colour.

Ruby says: "I strive to capture the universal and emotional connections to landscapes that are embedded within our memories to create a feeling of nostalgia and escape in a seductive reminiscence and metamorphosis of the Earth. I want to capture a sense of enclosure or exposure – intensified by the dramatic changes of light – and the simultaneous juxtaposition of different elements of the landscape. My objective is to retain the expressive power of the subject while focusing on the intense, abstract experience of colour."

Tuesday 6 March - Saturday 1 April