Relaxed Classics - A New Season of Films at The Old Town Hall

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

2017 will see a new season of friendly and welcoming vintage film screenings at The Old Town Hall in partnership with Age UK (Dacorum) and with sponsorship from Derrick Bridges & Co solicitors firm. 

David Pearce, Chief Executive Officer for Dacorum Age UK said: “I am delighted to tell you about the new Relaxed Classics screenings starting in January 2017 at The Old Town Hall. These screenings are films to encourage cognitive memory; they are designed to bring back memories of the good old movies for older people and for people with memory loss, Dementia and their carers.” 

Relaxed film screenings are different to regular film screenings in a number of ways; in a relaxed film screening the lights in the auditorium are not dimmed (to prevent people from being disorientated), the soundtrack is not loud and the film goers can move around and make noise if they want to. Screenings also have an interval of 20 minutes.    

The first Relaxed Classic screening will be Calamity Jane, starring Doris Day, on Thursday 26 January at 2pm at The Old Town Hall. Other relaxed screenings will be on a monthly basis throughout the year, click here to view the full season of films or download our brochure here. Tickets are £4 and include a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit.