News Story

We understand your frustration if you didn't get tickets. We have been overwhelmed with the response from customers wanting to book tickets to see Michael McIntyre and only a lucky few managed it. Well done to those people we hope you enjoy the show!

A few stats and answers to the questions we have been recieving below for those who want more details:-

  • Over 85,000 people tried to book 110 seats.
  • The show sold out in under 5 minutes. Most seats were held in baskets within 10 seconds of the show going on sale.
  • The website and ticket system operators were briefed well in advance and load testing took place to ensure the website did not crash.
  • The website did not crash but we are aware that some users faced issues where they pushed the 'Book Now' button but they did not enter the vitual queue, we believe this is due to the volume of people pushing the button at the same time (85k+).
  • The website operator is looking at the button issue to prevent this occuring in the future.
  • No tickets were sold/allocated in advance to members of the public or staff. This was an agreement put in place with the promotor at point of booking the show.

We do understand your frustration, but please keep in mind that the theatre industry has been through a lot over the last few years and we can only stay open with support from you, our loyal customers. Booking Michael McIntyre is a huge success for our venue and we have even more big named comedians and acts to come. Please stay on our mailing list for further details as we release them.

PLEASE NOTE - We ask that any communications to us are kept respectful and any abuse to staff or others will not be tolorated.